26 - 28 November 2024 | Málaga - FYCMA

Expo Agritech

AgriTech 4.0 Congress

Agritech 4.0


The AgriTech 4.0 Congress is the first and only knowledge and technology transfer platform specially designed for the agricultural sector.


The emergence of new technologies has led to a real revolution in a wide variety of sectors, especially in industries such as chemistry, automotive, mobility or food. The agricultural sector cannot be left behind in the digital transformation, in the new greener and more sustainable future demanded by Europe, and by consumers.


At Expo AgriTech, we are aware of the countless opportunities and improvements that new technologies can offer in the field of quality, efficiency and productivity. For this reason, the AgriTech 4.0 Congress offers an unparalleled framework in which to surround oneself with expert voices and technological leaders who will share their success stories, inspiring ideas, the most disruptive solutions and the most practical technologies to improve the efficiency of our farms, their management and long-term sustainability.

What will you find at AgriTech 4.0 Congress?

Main Topics

· Agriculture 4.0
· Biotechnology
· Digitalization
· Sustainability
· Technology
· Innovation
· Automation and robotics
· Artificial Intelligence

· Eficiency
· Productivity
· Regenerative Agriculture
· Vertical Agriculture
· Precision farming
· Circular economy

· New crops
· Sensors and remote monitoring
· Self-guided machinery
· Drones
· Generational change
· Biodiversity
· Climate change

Professional Summits
· Agricultural Holdings Owners
· Agricultural Engineers
· Cooperatives
· Designation of Origin

Vertical Forums
· Olive growing
· Wine & vine growing
· Horticulture
· Fruit growing
· Extensive crops

· Common Agricultural Policy Management
· Sustainability and Land Regeneration