26 - 28 November 2024 | Málaga - FYCMA

Expo Agritech Activities

AgriTech Startup Forum

AgriTech Startup Forum

Amidst the whirlwind of technological revolution we are experiencing, startups emerge as the primary innovative actors to bring new technologies to the field and work systems of the agricultural sector. Getting noticed in the sector and establishing connections with potential clients, taking advantage of that added value is no easy task.

The AgriTech Startup Forum, organized in collaboration with La Salle Technova Barcelona, ​​focuses on finding disruptive projects that impact the future of the agri-food industry.

The Industry Startup Forum is your opportunity to:

  • Introduce your company, products, or services to a specialized audience in Elevator Pitch format.
  • Access the La Salle Technova Accelerator (according to requirements).
  • Connect with the Global Innovation System of the agricultural sector.
  • Find partners to develop your project.
  • Be a direct candidate to participate in the AgriTech Innovation Awards 2024.