Agritech 4.0 Congress

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26 - 28 November 2024 | Málaga - FYCMA

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Become a protagonist, influence and lead change by contributing scientific and business knowledge for collaborative learning, sharing the most innovative scientific experience, and technology applied to agriculture, inspiring the plant biotechnology industry, share your knowledge in fertilisation and soil regeneration. Inspire thousands of professionals in the countryside on how to improve their farms through innovation. Help enrich the quality of products. Contribute and share your most productive and sustainable farming strategies and techniques. How to reach new markets. Share your success stories. Share your knowledge with R&D teams through innovation. Share success stories of new crop development. Help discover innovative clean-label products that have been successfully launched without sacrificing taste, texture or tradition.


We are looking for players in the agri-food sector who want to make an impact and be part of the change.


We are looking for farm owners, agricultural technicians, cooperatives, technology centres, equipment and solution manufacturers, representatives from the plant nutrition sector, universities, researchers and the best professionals in the agricultural sector who want to lead the new 4.0 AgriTech revolution. Also, we are looking for the leading experts in precision agriculture, regenerative agriculture, Artificial Intelligence applied to the design of new crops, technology industry dedicated to the agricultural sector, and research and development centres applied to innovation and crop improvement. Agents of climate change, disruptive initiatives and solutions with an impact on the sector, start-ups that are revolutionising the agricultural sector with new models of innovation.


Share your case stories and transformative ideas to enhance the management of agricultural operations.


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Applications will be accepted until October 15th.

Accepted or rejected candidates will be communicate from October 25th onwards